Copywriter, Photographer, Social Media Manager.

Growing up in a house immersed in the sound waves of my father’s electric guitar, my mom’s piano and my brother’s classical acoustic, inspiration was never hard to find.  My parents gifted me the freedom of expression, paving the way for self-realization and autonomy.  

It did not take long for me to realize how much power lies in the digital world.  One can express their individuality, share a poignant story or change someone’s life, all through the click of a button.  With the potential to connect people of all places, ages, colors and identities, we have the opportunity to invoke unity, rather than division.  The ability to communicate information that inspires, motivates, or captivates people across the world has fascinated me since the moment I first held a digital device. Through this lens, I was able to spark innovation within my own creative sphere.  What better way to change the world than to create content that challenges ideas, shifts perspectives and moves masses? 

I currently provide content marketing services through copywriting and content writing, photography, social media management, videography, brand management, SEO and email marketing.